Keep Plants Legal

Anyone watching the news recently knows how the war against plants has been inflated to ridiculous proportions, and while the content of this website is primarily about cannabis and medical marijuana, I feel it would be good to switch gears and take a more broad stance toward the illeglization of medicinal herbs, cannabis still being the primary … [Read more…]

Lawmakers Reject Christie Administration’s Draconian Medical Marijuana Regulations

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Senate lawmakers voted on Monday, December 13 in favor of a concurrent resolution that forces the Department of Healthand Senior Services to revise draft regulations regarding the implementation of the New Jersey Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act. Assembly lawmakers had previously approved the resolution in November. The Department now has 30 days to rewrite the regulations. (You can read NORML’s critique of the draft regulations here.) “Failure to publish … [Read more…]

Marijuana Compounds for Multiple Sclerosis

marijuana for multiple sclerosis

Medical marijuana has a variety of potential uses. For multiple sclerosis patients, I found 12 clinical trials listed at involving marijuana for the treatment of muscle spasticity or neuropathic pain. The drug forms include Sativex, Marinol, smoked cannabis, and standardized cannabis extract. Spasticity is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis. It is characterized by an involuntary increase in muscle … [Read more…]

Breaking News: Christie Gets His Way on NJ Medicinal Marijuana

Breaking News: Christie Gets His Way on NJ Medicinal Marijuana

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that today New Jersey’s bully Governor Chris Christie issued a press release about the state’s medical marijuana program. The public comment hearings scheduled by the Department of Health and Senior Services were also cancelled without explanation. The full press release is below, please read: Governor Chris Christie Announces Bi-Partisan … [Read more…]

New Jersey’s Crazy Medical Marijuana Proposals

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Opinion by NORML (October 06, 2010) in Society / Drug Law By “Radical” Russ Belville” – who I think personally is an asshole. New Jersey – the No Garden State – is already America’s most restrictive medical marijuana state for not allowing patients to grow their own medicine. The carefully crafted medical law won’t allow for patients … [Read more…]

Study Contends Marijuana Isn’t a Gateway Drug


Marijuana is thought by some to be a gateway drug among young people who eventually go on to try stronger substances. But that may be the exception rather than the rule, a new study finds. Researchers from the University of New Hampshirelooked at data from a random group of 1,286 children, teens and young adults who … [Read more…]

Cannabis, An Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain


Marijuana, or cannabis, may be an effective treatment for chronic pain, a Canadian researcher suggests. Dr. Mark Ware of the McGill University Health Center and McGill University in Montreal says marijuana may offer relief to patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain. The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, not only finds medical marijuana … [Read more…]